How Toronto Has Attracted Skilled Talent and Become the Next Silicon Valley

Toronto: A Global Technology Hub

As Canada has fostered a now world renowned tech ecosystem, the country’s urban areas are teeming with scores of talented candidates—many of which immigrated from across the world. Canada is now considered the most desirable destination for international workers—overtaking the United States for the first time.

Major Canadian metropolises like Vancouver, Ottawa, and Montreal have thrived when attracting and developing first-rate candidates in recent years. Yet there is one city in particular that is perfectly positioned to become the next Silicon Valley: Toronto.

In addition to its multiculturalism and bilingualism, the city’s affordable education, well-respected social system, and emphasis on creativity have undoubtedly given rise to the abundance of tech talent now situated within Toronto’s borders.

So how has Toronto found such tremendous success in attracting both new businesses and highly qualified tech talent? In this E-Book, we present some compelling reasons that have attributed to the city’s rise, such as health care, diversity, sustainability, and quality of life.

Download the E-Book today to learn more about how Toronto has been able to attract global talent in the twenty-first century.

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