Shining a Light on the Real Value of RPO: 7 Scenarios for Success

Can recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) reduce hiring costs? Yes, but viewing RPO through a cost lens alone can cloud your vision and obscure many of its most critical strategic impacts. What should a well-executed RPO solution offer beyond cost savings? At the strategic level, a flexible, well-executed RPO solution also offers scalability, speed and quality.

  • Scalability is the key to managing unpredictability.
  • Speed is the ability to source and hire quickly.
  • Quality enhances the process to hire better talent.

How does this work in the real world? You’ll find out when you explore these 7 “success stories” (drawn from actual real-life scenarios), each of which isolates a specific recruitment strategy challenge and then describes specifically how a flexibly-constructed RPO can meet that challenge.

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