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RPO Playbook for Retailer & E-Commerce Businesses

In today’s rapidly changing and hyper-competitive marketplace — with unemployment at an all-time low and a shallow labor pool for frontline retail workers — retailers need the best and most customer-centric talent. That’s why integrating RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) or RPO hybrid models into an overall talent strategy is essential to improving customer service.

  • Why is RPO “right for retail” right now? First, retail and e-commerce leaders are increasingly looking beyond cost to scale and drive innovation. Second, RPO solutions can support both corporate and store-level hiring. Lastly, just-in-time recruiting can more effectively manage the labor spend for seasonal employees.
  • Can an RPO talent acquisition strategy improve revenue? The right RPO can. According to Harvard Business Review, customers who have had a “best” past experience spend 140% more when compared to those who had a “poor” past experience. Choosing a flexible RPO solution can help you deliver a differentiated customer service experience — both in-store and online.

Download this eBook now to learn about hybrid RPO solutions and the seven best practices for successful RPO partnerships. The right RPO with the right Service Delivery Manager will: provide the hiring accelerant you need; effectively scale retail staffing quickly with better hires that fit your needs; and deliver a distinctive employment message to local pools of talent.

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