Total Talent Solution Provides Agility and Efficiency

Total Talent Solution Provides Agility and Efficiency

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A global manufacturer and distributor in the construction space engaged Broadleaf to help identify ways to improve their compliance, visibility, cost savings, recruitment, and retention. Broadleaf’s total talent management solution—integrating managed service program (MSP), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), and employer of record (EOR)/payrolling services—created an all-encompassing approach to workforce management giving the client an enhanced ability to manage their business to make more informed and strategic decisions.

  • The Client

    A $2.5 billion publicly-traded global manufacturer and distributor in the building construction market, our Client has 10,000 employees in its over 60 worldwide locations.
  • The Situation

    Due to its large contingent workforce spread throughout the United States, our Client needed to engage with a proven MSP provider to manage and oversee its temporary labor needs at all of its U.S. locations. In 2015, the Client issued a request for proposal (RFP) to procure a new MSP provider and Broadleaf was awarded the contract. In addition, our Client was committed to identifying and reigning in all rogue spend that fell outside of its MSP program, which would create significant cost savings.
  • The Solution

    Working hand-in-hand with the technology partner, Broadleaf bundled the VMS and MSP solution and implemented advance strategies.

The Challenge

To successfully attract workers to fill our Client’s manufacturing, distribution, and corporate roles, the Broadleaf team would need to overcome the following obstacles:

  • The Client had a decentralized approach to procuring contingent labor.
  • Pay rates at several Client locations were not competitive with the local market.
  • Competing priorities and projects made it difficult to identify Client stakeholders that would take ownership and move the MSP program forward.

The Solution

Working hand-in-hand with the technology partner, Broadleaf bundled the VMS and MSP solution and implemented the following strategies:

  • Successfully partnered with all incumbent suppliers while filling in service gaps with new suppliers.
  • Designed a strategic MSP program with a standardized requisition process that could be applied to all U.S. locations, many of them in rural areas.
  • Using our suite of technology platforms, performed rate and market benchmarking analyses tailored to the Client’s job types. Broadleaf then standardized the rate structure to deliver significant cost savings at corporate and local levels.
  • Incorporated supplier performance goals and standards to improve performance within the MSP and suppliers.
  • Applied consistent timekeeping methods across all manufacturing facilities.
  • Modified the pre-hire compliance process by incorporating a preferred vendor that generated standardization and cost savings.
  • Upgraded technology for an enhanced user experience.
  • Developed and implemented acquisition and divestment plans for changes in labor needs.

The Results

In March of 2022, the Client asked Broadleaf to create an all-encompassing approach to their workforce management and integrate our MSP solution with an RPO program to provide Total Talent Management (TTM) services. A scalable RPO client delivery program team—led by a seasoned Client Delivery Manager, six recruiters, and one dedicated sourcer—was tasked with hiring the following roles:

  • Assemblers Machine operators
  • Maintenance technicians Forklift drivers
  • Material handlers Light industrial workers

Additionally, our team has developed a separate supplier management strategy for payrolling and these efficiencies enabled Broadleaf to acquire a portion of the Client’s payroll services from the incumbent providers.

Our TTM solution has achieved the following results through the first six months of 2022:

  • The number of open positions was reduced to 5% or less of the total headcount
  • 1,511 phone screens completed
  • 2:1 interview-to-offer ratio
  • Rogue spend was identified and reigned in
  • Cost savings were achieved at corporate and local levels
  • Supplier performance improved within MSP

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