MSP & RPO Solutions For Advanced Manufacturers

MSP & RPO Solutions For Advanced Manufacturers

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In today’s business climate, hiring high-quality talent to work in the advanced manufacturing industry is not so simple. Most internal HR and TA departments experience difficulties when marketing open positions to potential candidates. Not only do many younger Americans struggle to see manufacturing as a viable career option, but there’s a critical shortage of workers across age groups that can analyze data and work in an industry 4.0 environment as factories become increasingly automated. 

Additionally, many manufacturing positions require college degrees in STEM fields, and it can be difficult to find applicants with these relevant skills or educational backgrounds. Manufacturing roles also tend to have higher turnover rates, which make onboarding, payrolling, and invoicing all the more challenging.

To overcome these hurdles, many manufacturers look to staffing agencies to find qualified talent, improve their employer brand, and fill open positions. With extensive experience in the advanced manufacturing industry, Broadleaf Results can find and attract the candidates you need to keep your operations running smoothly. Explore workforce management solutions designed for the manufacturing industry from Broadleaf.

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Advanced Manufacturing Staffing Solutions

  • MSP Solutions For Manufacturers

    Broadleaf’s Managed Service Programs are designed to help manufacturers manage a flexible workforce by providing assistance with candidate sourcing, invoicing, contract management, and more. Save your internal HR team time, reduce costs, and better allocate internal resources with streamlined MSP services that grow with your business.

    Our team of talent experts has access to a substantial pool of experienced contractors and temporary employees that can take on short or long-term projects as your facility ramps up its production. We’ve filled a variety of roles including technicians, assemblers, material handlers, allocations analysts, production operators, and more. With access to comprehensive hiring data and analytics, you can make more informed decisions about your workforce.

    Ready to get started? Contact us today to explore flexible MSP programs that work for your facility.

    • Standardized Entry Point
    • Single Source of Management
    • Program Maintenance
    • Implementation and Change Management
    • Reporting and Analytics
    • Supplier and Talent Strategy
    • Compliance Management
  • RPO Solutions For Manufacturers

    Broadleaf’s FlexRPO programs are tailored to your needs so you can create a comprehensive hiring program for your internal HR department. Whether you need to outsource the entire recruitment cycle from start to finish or focus on one particular aspect of the process, our talented team of industry experts can put together a recruiting solution that scales with your needs. We’ll even assist your team with employer branding and job marketing so you can maintain a positive reputation and get in front of the qualified candidates you need.

    Ready to learn more? Contact us to learn more about our customizable FlexRPO programs.

    • Tenured and Strategically Deployed Recruiting Teams
    • Diversity Expenditure
    • Flexible, Scalable Model
    • Dedicated Sourcing/Data Mining Team
    • Proven Recruiting and Screening Functions
    • Future-Looking Data Analytics

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With over 50 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we know what it takes to manage an effective workforce. Our talent experts at Broadleaf Results are fully committed to the success of your talent acquisition and management initiatives. From vetting skilled candidates and filling open positions to efficiently managing invoicing and payroll, the Broadleaf Results team is well-equipped to tackle any hiring challenge within the advanced manufacturing sector.


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    Consolidate workforce management efforts with a complete suite of services that deliver total talent solutions.
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    Select the services that are built to accommodate your immediate needs. Make future-looking decisions with confidence.
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    Do more than just manage your workforce. Tap into multiple channels to engage all types of workers and deliver results.
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"The MSP team is very responsive and helpful. The TAT to close a position for the majority of the requirements is very quick. We always receive timely feedback and updates from the MSP team."

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