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At Broadleaf, we’re always looking to stay atop the latest talent and workforce news. From monitoring state unemployment rates and nationwide labor trends to advising clients on hiring best practices and retention strategies, our team is committed to remaining current on all things talent. Want to read more about the state of the talent and employment market through the eyes of the Broadleaf team? Here are some of our latest news stories:

  • How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Can Help Businesses Address The Great Rehire Of 2021

    "With employment numbers rising and unemployment claims declining, U.S. businesses are preparing for a large-scale hiring initiative in the months ahead. But as recruiting demands continue to grow and the “great rehire” takes off, is your internal talent acquisition team prepared for what’s to come? Do you have the resources on hand to support your organization’s talent needs?"

  • 16 Simple Ways For Business Leaders To Get To Know Their Team Better

    “Let staff members get to know you and each other. Be willing to share personal information about yourself. At social work events, I ask “table questions” such as, “If you wrote a book, what would the title be?” You learn a lot about people! Some people feel uncomfortable sharing at first, but once we get started they really get into it and it opens up topics for further conversation.”

  • 14 Smart Ideas For Building A Strong Employer Brand That Attracts Top Talent

    “Your employees are your brand ambassadors—they define your employer brand. We’ve found it successful to interview staff who are willing to authentically articulate their company journey in either a simple blog or informal video. Their story is posted on our website and social media for candidates (and clients) to see. These staff spotlights have proven to be a great candidate-attraction tactic.”

  • 14 HR Leaders Share Their Best Tips For Hiring Top Grad Talent

    “To get a top grad to accept your offer, you need to clearly lay out what the projected career path will be, not just what the job entails now. What skills will they learn along the way? What will the next opportunity be and the one after that—and in what time frame?”

  • 15 HR Experts Explain How Job Applicants Can Stand Out

    “Following proper business etiquette will make an applicant stand out. Display good manners and proper grammar in all of your verbal and written communications and personalize messages. Make sure your appearance, in-person or online, is business-appropriate for the job. Send a handwritten thank-you note after an interview. These actions will surely set you apart from other applicants.”

  • Want To Improve Decision Making? 15 Ways To Leverage People Analytics

    “Accessing source-of-hire analytics can improve decision making on how to spend valuable recruitment advertising budgets to maximize return on investment. Also, gaining insight into new-hire performance and turnover trends is key to measuring the effectiveness of recruiting strategies. Organizations should prioritize quality over quantity of candidates when it comes to recruitment marketing.”

  • Looking For Passive Candidates? Try These 15 Practical, Cost-Efficient Strategies

    “Sponsor community events for organizations that your employees care about. Giving back to your community is a strong endorsement of your positive company culture and will resonate with potential candidates. Post all activities on social media for wider exposure.”

  • 10 Key Elements Of A Company Newsletter Employees Will Want To Read

    “It’s simple—feature pet pictures and stories on why the team member’s pet is so “special.” It’s a nice break from the fast pace. Even employees like me who are not pet owners enjoy hearing our co-workers brag about their pet’s cuteness or talents. Our company has gotten some fierce rivalries going on this front!”

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