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In the Limelight: Greg Gary

Broadleaf has long been recognized as a premier provider of total talent and workforce management solutions. But who are the people behind-the-scenes who help make our success possible?

In this edition of Broadleaf’s “In the Limelight” series, meet Greg Gary, Director of Business Development. With nearly 30 years of experience in the workforce solutions industry, Greg has been a valuable addition since joining our organization in 2016. His expertise in total talent management, including MSP, VMS, and RPO, has helped Broadleaf integrate our top-of-the-line services to better manage our customers’ workforces around the world.

Can you tell us some personal information about yourself?

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York, I grew up as the oldest of three boys in a mammoth sports family. My father, Greg Gary Sr., was a basketball standout at St. Bonaventure University and a member of the school’s Final Four team in 1970. After wrapping up his college career at SBU, he was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in the 1971 NBA Draft.

My mother and father taught my two younger brothers and me about the importance of hard work and persistence. Thanks to their guidance, all three of us enjoyed exceptional athletic and academic careers. In junior high school, I was chosen to participate in Prep for Prep, a leadership development and gifted education program that offers high-achieving students of color access to private school education. I attended Horseheads High School, where I became a DECA national champion and was awarded the top-ranked role-play in the United States. Outside of the classroom, I played football, basketball, track, and baseball as a four-sport athlete. When the time came to make my college decision, I chose to follow in my father’s footsteps and attend St. Bonaventure. There, I elected to triple-major in marketing, sociology, and political science while playing on both the school’s Division-I baseball and basketball teams. Yeah, I guess you can call me an overachiever!

Aside from your mother and father, did you have any other childhood role models that you deeply admired?

Growing up, I absolutely idolized Dean Smith, the former head coach of the University of North Carolina men’s basketball team. Mr. Smith was the ultimate leader – not only on the basketball court, but in his community, as well. He was a strong advocate for civil rights and recognized that his platform could be used to make a significant difference for the betterment of not just black people, but all people in America. And oh, by the way, he retired as the winningest college basketball coach in NCAA history. Talk about a life well-lived!

In recent years, I have been drawn to the influence of former President Barack Obama. As one biracial man to another, I can relate and appreciate President Obama’s journey to greatness. The way that he handled himself while in office was wholly impressive. His leadership abilities are second to none, and I was inspired by the way that he was able to stay in tune with our nation.

What led you to Broadleaf?

In my initial conversations with Broadleaf, I knew that Dave Savarise and I were meant to work together. Right from the get-go, Dave was someone that gained my respect. His intelligence, ambitious mindset, and long-term vision for the organization immediately resonated with me. The more I learned about Broadleaf, the more I was impressed with the evolution of the organization. As a certified WBE, Broadleaf has grown from a regional staffing company into a global provider of workforce and talent management solutions. I knew this couldn’t have been an easy feat, but Broadleaf’s management team has made it happen. My interview process left me salivating over the company’s long-term potential, and it was apparent to me where I would fit in to achieve our goals and objectives. Plus, with two young girls of my own, I appreciated Broadleaf’s emphasis on maintaining a work-life balance, which is so important in today’s world. As someone who often overworked myself early on in my career, I can attest to the positive impacts that achieving this sense of equilibrium can have on one’s overall health and well-being. Since joining the team at Broadleaf, I’ve been able to enjoy both my personal and professional lives so much more.

Why do you like working at Broadleaf?

Everyone likes their voice to be heard, and those who know me know I’m no exception. At Broadleaf, I feel that I get to have a genuine say in our organization, both from a business and cultural perspective. When I bring suggestions to the table, the company is always willing to listen, even when these ideas may stray from the “norm.” This past year, in light of the recent tragedies and forms of racial injustice that have impacted our entire country, I approached our leadership team about developing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee within our company. I was so proud of how our organization responded – they even allowed me to be a part of the committee and bring it to fruition. Ultimately, it’s the people that make working at Broadleaf so special. I’m able to interact with individuals from all different walks of life on a daily basis. From Buffalo, New York to Burbank, California and everywhere in between, I’ve enjoyed getting the opportunity to learn about people’s diverse cultures, backgrounds, and ways of living.

What excites you about your work?

The workforce solutions industry is one that is ever-changing. We are forced to adjust to significant changes on a daily basis, which forces me to stay on my toes. Getting to educate prospective and current clients on the value of Broadleaf’s services has been a rewarding experience for me. I’ve seen firsthand the difference that our total talent management offerings can make within Fortune 500 corporations and mid-sized companies alike. With my sports background, I’m naturally a very competitive person, so getting the opportunity to go out and win business for Broadleaf gets my juices flowing. It’s like I’m back on the baseball diamond or the basketball court again!

How has Broadleaf inspired you to give back to your local Denver community?

Our President and CEO, Lynne Marie Finn, sets a tremendous example as a female business owner who gives back through her involvement with national supplier diversity and women’s business organizations. I have always been compelled to make a difference, especially for younger generations of black, inner-city teenagers. As a mentor in the Denver Urban Scholars program, I’ve been fortunate to help students in our area tap into their potential by helping them forge a proper path to a successful college career and professional future. My career has allowed me the opportunity to polish my public speaking skills, and I’ve been given the opportunity to serve as a motivational speaker in several high school and college graduations. Additionally, I’ve worked for the Positive Coaching Alliance over the past several years in training youth sports coaches to positively transform the future of children’s athletics programs around the country.

To learn more about Greg, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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