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Broadleaf’s Greg Gary Featured as Panelist in MSP Provider Discussion

Broadleaf’s Director of Business Development, Greg Gary, was recently featured as a panelist in a webinar hosted by the California Staffing Professionals. The discussion touched on the utilization of strategic Managed Service Programs (MSP) and further detailed the changes that have impacted the business landscape throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Greg was one of four thought leaders to provide insight on what is needed to maintain long-term business sustainability.

When asked about the challenges that have hindered organizations since the outbreak of COVID-19, Greg shed light on three difficulties that he has observed in recent months:

  1. Lack of an updated plan – Although some organizations possessed contingency plans that would help them in handling potential disasters or emergencies, the pandemic presented a challenge that no business could have adequately prepared for. Companies were forced to think and act on the fly by resorting to a trial-and-error approach to stay afloat.
  2. Getting acclimated to the “new normal” – The ebbs and flows of the pandemic have proven difficult for companies to fully adjust to. Even today, the ever-changing nature of state and local guidelines has complicated in-office work plans. Organizations have been forced to pay particularly close attention to these regulations to maintain compliance.
  3. Maintaining supply chain relationships – Despite the ongoing pandemic, companies still face pressing deliverables and deadlines that need to be met. Suppliers should maintain constant communication with their programs to search for new and creative approaches that will help in driving cost savings and delivering value.

While diversity and inclusion have become huge initiatives—especially within the HR and talent acquisition space—the ability to track and report on these metrics is incredibly important for MSP providers.

“Talking about diversity is no longer a taboo conversation,” commented Greg. “We have observed tremendous momentum to improve diversity tracking efforts across our industry, and this trend is sure to continue in the years ahead.”

Greg also touched on the acceleration of the virtual workplace, a significant development that has caused a rise in the number of departures from Silicon Valley. As employees continue to receive the freedom to work remotely, he predicts that these workers and their families will look to relocate to reside in more affordable areas of the United States.

“Employer branding has become more important than ever before,” said Greg. “In a remote-work environment, big companies can’t just bring a prospective candidate onto their campus and ‘wow’ them with the bells and whistles of their organization. This has been critical for smaller organizations when boosting their efforts to compete with larger, more established ones.”

To discover more about the California Staffing Professionals and its membership opportunities, check out the organization’s website here.

To learn more about Greg, connect with him on LinkedIn. You can also read his most recent article, “The Downfall of Silicon Valley and Its Impact on Hiring,” through our Broadleaf blog.