Broadleaf, VNDLY Form Strategic Workforce Partnership

Alignment will allow Broadleaf clients to seamlessly migrate to VNDLY’s platform and improve effectiveness of contingent workforce management

Broadleaf Results and VNDLY announced a strategic partnership that will pair best-in-class workforce services with leading-edge technology. Broadleaf—a premier total talent acquisition and management provider—will utilize VNDLY’s vendor management technology (VMS) platform to augment its Managed Services Provider (MSP) programs. The Broadleaf-VNDLY alliance will provide clients with a highly intuitive and agile talent management approach to deliver cost savings, drive efficiency, improve quality, and ensure compliance.

As part of the partnership agreement, Broadleaf will migrate select clients from its own proprietary VMS technology—Work Nexus—to VNDLY’s cloud-native platform. The transition will enhance Broadleaf’s comprehensive workforce management processes, improve its ability to deliver upon program objectives, and promote a more positive client experience.

“Our team at Broadleaf is excited by the potential of our partnership with VNDLY,” said Dave Savarise, Executive Vice President at Broadleaf. “VNDLY is a disruptor in the vendor management space, and its software has continuously tested the boundaries of what past VMS platforms have offered. Moving to a more modern VMS platform will further enhance our commitment to deliver innovative and dynamic workforce solutions to our clients.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Broadleaf and complement their strong programs and client relationships,” said David Weiss, VNDLY’s Executive Vice President of Sales. “Our robust technology offers Broadleaf the flexibility they need to evolve their programs while incorporating every facet of extended workforce management including project-based and more traditional contingent work.”

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