In the Limelight: Tanya Tanner-Hoover

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Tanya Tanner, a seasoned Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor/Onsite Program Manager. Tanya’s early career start in human resources has bolstered her success in the workforce solutions industry. This month, she’s celebrating her 20th year at Broadleaf. Her enthusiasm for learning and professional growth has been a valuable resource to her clients and colleagues.

Born in the Big Apple

I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and attended Wagner College and Pace University, where I studied human resource management. I currently live in New Jersey.

An early start in the workforce solutions industry

In 1995, I relocated to Delray Beach, Florida. Only 19, I was afraid and did not know what was next. I accepted a temp to perm position as a Customer Service Representative/Escalation Clerk at a startup company. In this role, I was intrigued by the HR representative’s role and responsibilities and immediately professionally befriended her. She was a much older woman, but I had a plan. She saw my desire and started giving me small tasks. All the while, she was creating a position within HR for me. After a few weeks, she offered me an opportunity to work as a Service Matter Expert to get my foot in the door—where I was responsible for monitoring Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) documentation and providing comparisons. The truth is, I was immediately intrigued by the full talent acquisition process, and this role served as a catalyst for my passion and professional growth in the industry.

In December of 1999, I relocated back to New York. I started my employment search immediately and accepted a position in an IT recruitment firm. I supported the CEO and two technical recruiters. This fascinating job gave me more visibility into the industry. Initially, I was responsible for setting up interviews, scheduling candidates for assignments, and arranging training sessions for refresher courses. Very shortly after, I became a Junior Recruiter/Office Manager. Being a small company, that role afforded me much experience and exposure. Unfortunately—well, fortunately for me—in 2021, the company downsized, causing a staff reduction.  

Journey to Broadleaf

In 2002, seeking employment and understanding that the position would be temporary, I accepted another contract assignment as an Office Associate at a transportation solutions company. Shortly after starting this position, I was advised my assignment was being converted to a direct employee, a position I was not particularly interested in. I was not in a rush to find another job, but I wanted to begin exploring my options. The same day I posted my resume on an online hiring platform, I received a call from Sabina Clark, a Broadleaf recruiter. She expressed interest in meeting me to discuss an open position with “Superior Group.” I was hesitant, but I accepted. During the interview—within the very first 10 minutes, to be exact—I knew I wanted this opportunity. The job description differed significantly from my previous roles. Two days later, I received an offer for a temporary to permanent position as an Office Assistant. My responsibilities mainly were payroll processing, managing office needs (ordering supplies, etc.), and supporting the recruiters. My goal was to become a direct employee and contribute to all the wonderful successes the company was undertaking. One evening, I was working late in the office. I did this to learn the company and familiarize myself with clients. All the while, I was hoping to get an opportunity to recruit. Lynne Marie Finn and Sabina were having a conversation about the need for a recruiter for one of Broadleaf’s clients. I heard Lynne say, “Why don’t we give Tanya a try.” I immediately started wishing and praying that this would come to fruition. In my mind, I knew that if Lynne said it, it would happen. But oh, the pressure! The CEO saw something in me and wanted to give me a chance—I didn’t want to let her down. I did my work the next few weeks and stayed late to continue learning “Superior” and this industry. A few weeks later, Sabina offered me the position. I was excited and worked relentlessly to prove I was “the woman for the job.” I was later asked to assist as a recruiter on multiple projects.

Role and responsibilities

I’m currently a Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor/Onsite Program Manager. I oversee the full end-to-end Managed Service Program (MSP) solution for a Fortune 500 client. During the pandemic, the client’s seven offices were closed, and all business functionalities were centralized to a Staten Island onsite. My responsibilities include hiring 25-30 Customer Service Representatives monthly, managing the employee relations process—working closely with our internal HR and legal times—coordinating and leading new hire orientations, and generating analytics and reports. This role has its challenges. I collaborate with my team to overcome them and challenge them to step out of their comfort zones. I see so much potential in my employees and find myself constantly trying to instill the same thrill I got and continue to get each day at work. Broadleaf’s inclusive and engaging environment benefits employees’ well-being and is a testament to the company’s long-term success, productivity, and growth.

Navigating an unpredictable industry

No two days in my role are the same because talent acquisition continually evolves. And the simple truth is that changes will continue to emerge in the post-pandemic labor market. For example, remote work has essentially become the “norm” in the corporate world, regardless of what industry you may work in. Challenges such as technology issues, security concerns, and troubleshooting persist, but employers have found that the benefits remote workers have outweigh the disadvantages.

For example, hybrid work has proven cost-effective for companies now saving on real estate leases and, in turn, have been able to devote more time and resources to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) efforts. Employees have also benefitted from this change. Many have reported a boost in morale and have experienced cost savings for expenses such as childcare and daily commutes.

Broadleaf keeps pace with these changes by providing its employees access to the insightful LinkedIn Learning platform that offers courses on various workforce solutions industry topics. Additionally, the organization frequently offers internal refresher programs, hands-on involvement, and clear feedback to promote continuous employee growth in an ever-evolving industry. This communication provides employees with the resources and knowledge to grow professionally while making them feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work.

Fast-track to success

I am truly passionate about the work I do at Broadleaf, and I believe that has significantly contributed to the success that I have experienced within the company. As someone with a zest for learning, I welcome challenges. I enjoy being a “problem solver” as I help displaced employees find new work, provide resources for existing employees facing challenges, and ensure constant visibility to the client I am supporting. I consider myself resourceful and outgoing, so utilizing these traits in my professional career has contributed to my success.

Life outside of Broadleaf

I spend most of my time at my church when I am not working. I also enjoy reading, walking near water (I love the waterfront), and meditating. I am constantly eager to expand my knowledge, so I frequently take short courses on various subjects. I’m enrolled at Bergan Community College for Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, and Belonging, an issue I am passionate about engaging with and advocating for. My dream travel destination is Amsterdam. I would love to experience the country’s rich history and vibrant culture.

It’s my continual belief to work hard so that one day, I can relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I want to thank Broadleaf for an exceptional journey and for constantly providing me with opportunities and resources to excel and be a part of this wonderful organization. I look forward to the years to come.