In the Limelight: Allison Hallman

In this edition of our “In the Limelight” series, meet Allison Hallman—a Senior Director of Client Delivery at Broadleaf. Allison leads a team of Client Delivery Managers, Talent Acquisition Advisors, and Recruiters while overseeing five of Broadleaf’s RPO and MSP accounts. Her 25+ years of industry and management expertise have played a critical role in ensuring a positive client experience through account delivery and growth.

On the move

As a child, I moved frequently and lived on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts and several places in between. I currently reside in Florence, South Carolina—which is located between Columbia and Myrtle Beach. After a few brief semesters at the University of Colorado and the University of Florida, I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. I planned to continue my education and go to law school—and still may do that one day just so I can check it off my bucket list.

The road to Broadleaf

My parents owned a staffing services license. I worked for them while I attended college in South Carolina. After graduating, I accepted a role at the organization’s corporate office as a Partnership Manager—building relationships, identifying expansion opportunities, and fulfilling contingent worker staffing needs. I then transitioned to corporate staffing for ten years before working at three workforce management organizations and eventually moving into Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Each of my roles proved to be a critical building block in my professional growth. I’m a continuous learner and listener—two skills that have served me well in my career. After viewing a Broadleaf job posting on LinkedIn—for a Client Delivery Manager (CDM) supporting the Hartsville, SC-based Sonoco Products account—I submitted my application. I was not familiar with Broadleaf but Sonoco is a well-known name in my area and I was excited to learn more about the organization and position.

The Broadleaf experience

In 2018, I accepted the CDM position supporting the Sonoco Managed Service Programs (MSP) account. In 2021 I was promoted to Senior Director of Client Delivery. I am responsible for program deliverables, guiding our clients’ account plan and resources management, and all performance indicators and metrics. By partnering and strategically aligning Broadleaf with our client’s program goals, I build and strengthen relationships within our network. Each client and program is different.

In my role, I have the autonomy to create, innovate, and improve—which I love. I get excited when I’m working on a project that will significantly impact a client’s processes to achieve cost savings and allow their managers to turn their attention to more strategic initiatives such as talent management activities that will improve their full-time workforce. I do everything I can to educate my clients to ensure they fully understand the value Broadleaf provides. What excites me most about my job is that each day is different and full of variety.

An agile organization

If I had to describe Broadleaf in one word, it would be agile! Broadleaf adapts to changing market conditions and client demands more than other organizations where I have worked. Over the past two years, our company has experienced unprecedented change as we’ve worked through the COVID pandemic layoffs and The Great Resignation. Broadleaf remained a steadfast partner to each of our clients to address their challenges and position them for future growth and success. I’m scared to guess what the talent acquisition and workforce solutions industries will look like ten years from now but I know that Broadleaf will still be leading our clients through whatever the future brings.

Our leadership team is a tight-knit group. Lynne Marie Finn’s involvement is impactful and makes employees feel like they’re more than just a cog in the wheel. Each team member has a place and each job is important to the overall success of the company and the programs we support.

Life outside of Broadleaf

My husband and I are currently renovating an old farmhouse on 70 acres and I visit the site most afternoons after work. On weekends and days off, you can find me tackling a do-it-yourself (DIY) project at home or spending the day with my family and dogs on our boat.

My favorite vacations have been those where we fly into a city, rent a car, and just start driving. When I travel, I like to see more than the traditional tourist stops—I want to witness what real life looks like in each location. If money or time off were no object, I would drive the entire perimeter of the continental U.S.—stopping along the way to enjoy the variety.

To learn more about Allison Hallman, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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