About Broadleaf Results

Company History

Founded in 1965 to deliver temporary staffing support to customers throughout the United States, Broadleaf’s focus has shifted and grown over the years, but its foundational principles have not. We are committed to the delivery of consultative and collaborative offerings that flex and evolve with our customers’ growing needs.

Broadleaf began offering managed service programs and other workforce management solutions in 1992. In 2012, the company fully retired from the temporary staffing services line of business. Today, we put our decades of staffing experience to good use, helping our customers solve productivity challenges through custom-fit total talent management solutions—solutions that deliver predictable, reliable, sustainable results.


Previously doing business as Superior Workforce Solutions, Broadleaf shed that name in 2017. Our new name—Broadleaf Results, Inc.—was born of the idea that our operations and programs share a great deal in common with nature’s cycles of renewal. Our company is rooted in a decades-rich history, from which we have grown tree trunk-like strength and stability. We offer canopy-like coverage through wide-ranging service options. Our programs flex to accommodate growth and change, similar to windblown tree branches. And our programs continually improve and renew similar to leaves, nature’s first temporary workers. Each leaf works to provide power and resources, serving as the tree’s most valuable asset.

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